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Playing with Props for Your Engagement Shoot

June 10, 2011  by Artworks Tulsa Photography  |  Tulsa Engagement Photography

We’re in wedding and engagement mood today as wedding season is in full gear! And, since we’ve been photographing so many absolutely fabulous couples, we wanted to bring another super sweet engagement session to our Blog!

Last week we shared the engagement photos of Becca and Stephen that we shot in downtown Tulsa and in the great outdoors! We loved styling their shoot to really represent who they are, their love, their story, their personalities! Trying out playful poses, fun locations, and props, just like Becca and Stephen, are all great ways to make your engagement session truly you. Props or locations can even tell your love story!

Today we’re featuring the engagement photos of Brittany and Kyron. We love this couple so much, adore their engagement photos, and can’t wait to shoot their wedding! Brittany and Kyron jumped on the prop idea and decided to use a basketball for some cute poses, incorporating a bit of their love story that budded on their college campus while Kyron was an ORU basketball player. How super cute and creative is that?

Brittany looked fabulous and had some amazing high heels (And we have a shoe fetish at Artworks, if you haven’t heard! Our Wedding Photography Packages say it all!). So naturally with the basketball, her heels, and with Brittany being so much shorter than Kyron, how sweet of an idea was it to have her stand on the basketball for some shots? Oh we loved this shoot and had so much fun!

And for all you lovely engaged couples out there, if there are particular props that you’re thinking about using in your engagement shoot let us know! Don’t be shy! We’d love to incorporate into your shoot some clever props!


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