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Newborn photos with Legend!

March 28, 2012  by Artworks Tulsa Photography  |  Baby

Lately Artworks has been busy welcoming lots and lots of babies to our family of clients. When considering portraits for your infant, the earlier the better; they are only so tiny for a brief stretch of time! Take advantage and ensure you have keepsakes to remember this special time by.  We love to photograph babies, especially within the first week of life. They are so little and still look brand new! This is such a fleeting period of time, it’s important to document! Babies less than a week old are also easy to pose and tend to snooze peacefully through photoshoots. In fact, we have found that around 4-5 days old is optimal for a session. Once infants are over a week old, they become more active and are a little more difficult to lull to sleep for portraits.

We recently had the honor of photographing Legend, a darling baby boy who was just 4 days old when he paid our studio a visit! Legend’s mom, Elizabeth, has been a good friend to the Artworks staff for years now, and it was a true joy to create these photos to help her commemorate this special time at the beginning of her baby boy’s life!  Enjoy these shots and think of Artworks when you want to capture special life moments like these. We are able to work with babies of all ages and sizes, and can arrange a shoot at our studio or on location around Tulsa. Feel free to shoot us an email at if you’re interested in booking a session for your new bundle of joy!


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