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Meet Landon Uniquely Blessed by Adoption

June 24, 2015  by Artworks Tulsa Photography  |  Blog

Meet Landon Shepherd Fairless NOW the son of Kyndal & Justin, brother to Lola & Griffin.  Landon is 2 years old and he has been with the Fairless family since March. His sweet wonderful mom, Kyndal is allowing us to share with you their journey.


When I asked Kyndal why they decided to adopt, she replied..

“Adoption has just always been a part of our plan towards growing our family.

It wasn’t a big discussion; it just was a natural part of the journey towards parenthood for us.”


Kyndal & Justin are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They knew this was the road for them even though so many adoptions had failed. She allowed me some insight into the heartache of failed adoptions. In late summer 2013 they were matched with a birth mother and by fall she had changed her mind. In January 2014 they were placed with a 19 moth old baby boy. Oh the JOY, however he was only with them for 3 days before that adoption fell through and he was returned to his birth mother.

“Packing us all his little clothes, toys and books he loved was completely devastating.”

10 days later, they met a young woman and her 8 week old baby girl, and she asked them to adopt her baby girl. They were once again THRILLED! Unfortunately, with in a few hours they were notified that this baby girl was Native American and that were not able to adopt her. Can you even imagine the grief at this point, having three failed adoptions? This is why I admire this couple so much!

Another 7 days pass, and their first birth mother from summer 2013 contacted them about potentially parenting her 3 month old. They all talked for a few days and then she disappeared. Four total failed adoptions.

“It hurt so much, I felt numb for a while.

We had a few interviews over the next year, but each time we knew it wasn’t meant to be

our baby, even though the birth mothers we met with were lovely.”

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After so much hurt, pain & loss. They decided to hire Becki Murphy, and place their family book (a photo book showing family life) at her practice.

“I spent a lot of time angry at God. Why did he lead us to this?! Had I misheard Him and His plan for my family?

I cried out to the Lord often that if this was not His plan for us that He would take the desire away from us.

But, our heart for adoption was still strong even though we were hurting.”

“Finally, one morning in January of 2015, as my 2 bio children were sleeping, I was looking at them and I just felt such a peace.

I prayed to God and said, Lord, if these are the only children you have for me, I am satisfied and I am so grateful. Thank you.

Then, I felt the presence of the Lord in a way I’d never felt it in my life and I feel like He just spoke right to me and said,

Your baby is coming within the next 2 months, Prepare.

I felt like mountains were moving on our behalf. Even though I had no concrete proof of anything coming our way, I started to prepare.”

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As Kyndal and I spoke of their journey, she reflected on all the amazing friends and family who generously participated in helping their family raise funds for the adoption. It is a blessing when those that we love join us on the quest to adopt. Thank YOU, Staci Klugh- Stella & Dot, Tracy Dickinson- Noonday Collection, Kathy Wiehl- Usborne Books, Candice Reynolds- Thirty-one Gifts, and
Spa basket provided by Bella Vita Salon & Spa in Bixby for everything you did to assist this amazing family! Even with support the process is just that a process, filled with waiting, preparing and lots of paperwork.

“There were times that I questioned if I was just wasting my time,

but I know I heard the Lord that day, so went doubt crept in, I just clung to what He said to me.”


March 11th 2015, they were contacted by Becki Murphy’s assistant, Courtney. She asked them if they were interested in being profiled for a 2 year old biracial boy. Of course they said, YES! So then she sent them another text telling them that they were about to view the Fairless Family Book, Just 45 minutes later she texted again and said, “She loves you! How quick can you be here?” Can you imagine the RUSH you would feel! Within 20 minutes Kyndal and Justin were in a conference room, meeting another birth mom. Kyndal said she was a “sweaty, nervous mess”! They chatted with her for a little while, all the time she kept nodding at her attorney, before they knew it they were being asked to parent her son. Of course by this time they were all fighting tears.

“I couldn’t believe this was actually happening! The next day, we went to meet Landon.

Our boys played together and we asked a ton of questions about him and it all felt so surreal.”

That same day at 4pm, Landon’s birth mother walked into a courtroom and terminated her parental rights.

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“I had a peace about me that is so not my character at all, but I just wasn’t worried at all.

My husband, on the other hand, was a wreck! He was sweating and pacing and worrying.

That is completely out of character for him! He just kept saying,

“I know that baby is my son. I just know it.” A little after 5pm, Landon’s birth mother called and said, “It’s done. He’s yours.”

We both cried and she asked me to please keep him safe and I promised her I’d take great care of our boy.

Shortly after, the family Landon was staying with brought him over to visit our home and the next day at lunchtime, our son came home for good.”

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I asked Kyndal what advice she would give another family going through a similar process, and she said.

“I’ve heard over and over in this process that adoption is not for the faint of heart.

I really, really dislike this saying because it seems to imply that it takes superhuman strength to adopt.

That is not the case! If it were, no one would be qualified. We all need Jesus to make it through this process.

After all, He does not call the equipped.

He equips the called.

Remember that adoption is born out of loss so each story will have heartbreak.

Surround yourself with a community who understands what this journey is like.

I found a lot of encouragement through the adoption community on Instagram, believe it or not!

It’s a community of women I am so grateful for! Reach out and you will be welcomed with open arms!”

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“If you’re being called to adopt, do not let the devil get in your head and talk you out of it.

Pursue it! If you aren’t being called to adopt, but your heart is for families who do, support it!

Be an advocate for children and for birth mothers. Go be love!”

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Kyndal, THANK YOU for choosing us to be a part of your special day of finalization! We have loved getting to know you and your sweet family. Congratulations on your growing family! We will be praying for you all!


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