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Making Your Senior Photo Shoot Fit Your Personality!

May 26, 2011  by Artworks Tulsa Photography  |  Tulsa Senior Portraits

Calling all high school seniors! Your final high school year is just ahead of you and we’re sure you’ve already got tons on your mind— classes, final exams,  senior trip, college, oh the list goes on! But don’t forget: it’s not too early to start thinking about your senior photos!

Before you know it graduation will be here and you’ll be turning your tassels and tossing your caps! Ohhh so exciting! Spend some time thinking about your senior photos and when you might want them taken, where, your wardrobe, etc. (Thinking of rich Autumn colors and leaves as a setting? Then you’ll definitely want to plan your shoot and the season accordingly!)

Your senior photos are some of your most memorable and special photographs of your life and let’s face it, mom and dad and your whole family want to make sure they have this special moment captured on camera! They want to have fabulous photos taken of their sweet baby “all grown up” *gush gush.* And we don’t blame them! Senior Photos are super special and have come a long way from the traditional “Cap and Gown-Smile-Snap, Next in Line!”

And, of course, at Artworks we’re all about having fun. Naturally our Senior Photo sessions are going to be unique and a blast! We love taking senior photos because we encourage you to have fun, share your personality, and just be yourself in front of the camera. Want a change of wardrobe? Have a neat location in mind or some creative ideas for settings, poses, props? Let us know! We’re all about having a one-of-a-kind photo session— an experience!

Congrats to the recent grad — the super sweet and beautiful — Megan! Such a delight taking your senior photos! You look amazing!!


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