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Love is in the air- another Artworks girl prepares to tie the knot!

June 14, 2012  by Artworks Tulsa Photography  |  Tulsa Engagement Photography

Love is in the air at Artworks Tulsa Photography and today we’re bringing you the adorable proposal story of one of our very own. Our dear lead photographer Sasha is engaged to her college sweetheart, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Sasha and Brett met at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa, where Brett played baseball and Sasha played softball. Introduced by mutual friends, the two started dating in January of 2008. Just a month later, after hanging out together every night after their respective team practices, Brett officially asked Sasha to be his girlfriend.

In December of 2010, while at the mall, Brett surprised Sasha by asking if she might be interested in looking at engagement rings. DUH! What girl isn’t?! Looking at rings put Sasha on edge and she expected that Brett would pop the question any day, but he didn’t. Months passed, and Sasha started to feel like he was never going to propose. When she jokingly chided him about when it was going to happen, all he would say was, “Don’t worry about it!”

This past December, the two traveled to Louisiana to spend two weeks with Brett’s family over Christmas. Sasha was still waiting for her ring, but Brett told Sasha he was waiting for a really special moment. On Christmas Eve the couple went out to look at Christmas lights with Brett’s family. Sasha immediately knew something was up by the way Brett’s parents were acting. After his parents started lagging behind them on their walk, Sasha caught them running to catch up with their camera, but Brett was too nervous to ask her on the spot, so they kept walking. They came upon a booth offering horse-drawn carriage rides and Sasha was already imagining how perfect that would be for the proposal, but they were turned away when they heard the rides were booked up through January 3rd. They headed home and wound up watching episodes of The Office until 2am. Sasha left the room to change into her pajamas and returned to find the living room lit by just the Christmas tree with Brett kneeling by the couch. THE moment had arrived! He looked right at Sasha and said, “Okay, I’m going to do it.” Brett swallowed his nerves and continued, “You are my best friend and the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with. The only thing I want for Christmas is for you to say that you will be my wife.” Of course she said yes!

Sasha is finally planning the wedding of her dreams at the Vive Le Ranch Barn in Tulsa, and the couple can’t wait to say “I do!” on October 12th. We had a blast shooting Sasha’s engagement photos, complete with makeup by Ashlee Bivins, and we already have some special plans for Sasha’s bridal photos. Sasha admits she is most excited about seeing Brett’s face when he sees her for their First Sight photos on their wedding day.  We can’t wait to be there to share in the celebration and to capture all of the little moments that will make up this beautiful day for Sasha and Brett. Congratulations, lovebirds!


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