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Jake & Mara Yount Wedding

December 22, 2015  by Artworks Tulsa Photography  |  Blog Tulsa Engagement Photography Tulsa Engagements Portraits Wedding
We enjoyed getting to know Mara & Jake so much through their engagement session, wedding planning and the BIG day!  We asked Mara & Jake about the experience, and this is what they had to say:
“Our engagement portraits are going to be such great memories for us and our kids to look back on when we’re old! They also feel like they tell the story of our engagement when you look at them next to the wedding portraits because we worked in the same locations, especially Cain’s. They just look so natural and like you caught us in a random romantic moment, instead of posed portraits.”
“The wedding images allow us to relive our wedding day over and over! It was the perfect day, and we have beautiful records of every moment! We have already looked through the images over and over, and our family and friends have told us they are really enjoying looking through them on Facebook and reliving the day as well. The wedding day goes by so quickly, but the images allow us to remember every detail vividly. The images also give us some great memories with all the friends and family that we don’t get to see very often, or rarely take portraits with.”
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“It’s especially rare to have so many different branches of the family together, so those portraits at the church are very meaningful. The portraits of us with our parents are amazing; we know that our parents won’t always be with us, and now we have these fantastic images of special joy filled moments with them. Jake especially has very few good portraits with his parents and sister’s family, so these are going to be treasured for many years. We also have a lot of friends from out of town that we rarely see, and it means so much to us to have portraits with them”
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“Our favorite part of the wedding day was the trolley ride, getting to talk to all our family and friends during cocktail hour, and the dance party at the end! I guess you could say any of the parts where we got to party with everyone gathered together! The trolley ride let us take portraits in a variety of great Tulsa locations. Tulsa is where we found each other, so it’s great to feel like our images show various parts of Tulsa. It was also a chance to hang out with all our best friends in one place. The party trolley atmosphere is captured so well in the images!”
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“We also loved getting a moment to greet all our guests during cocktail hour by arriving there first. We feel like we have a great portrait of every single guest!”
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 “The dance party images are just amazing, everyone just cut loose and we get to see such fun moments between everyone. We also really got to participate in the dance party, which I feel like not everyone does on their wedding day, and we have images of all of it! It was such a great celebratory time!”
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“Our favorite part of working with Artworks was how easy it was to get the perfect portraits that truly capture our personalities! Rebecca is so fun and immediately makes you feel comfortable and like you’re just taking portraits with an old friend. She is FANTASTIC at reading people and posing them in completely natural poses! Even people who have trouble relaxing in portraits, like Jake, his mom, and some of my friends, look fantastic and like they are having a great time in every image! Artworks was also amazingly quick at getting people posed and moving onto the next shot. Also, I was worried about a paparazzi feeling during the wedding day, but we never felt like we were being followed by cameras, just like we had a great friend taking portraits while we enjoyed our wedding day. I think you can see that in how happy and natural we and other people look in the images.  We are so happy we chose Artworks for our wedding photography. We have what feels like a million perfect images, and they’re all different! We had worried about not hiring a videographer, but we didn’t need one at all because Artworks perfectly captured every second of the day, every decorative detail, and every moment between us and our loved ones! I could just go on and on about how much I love the portraits. I would like to wallpaper our house in them!  We would love to use Artworks for any future photography needs!”
Congratulations Mara & Jake! Love, ARTWORKS & Rebecca.  We love you BOTH!


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