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Tulsa Newborn Photography What is it? Why is it important?

Tulsa Newborn Photography – what is it, why is it important?

The sweet spot for photographing a newborn is when the baby is day 6 through day 8 days old. After this time frame most little ones are more awake and are not as interested in being bendy. Everything we do centers around your little one’s safety. If a child is not working well with a pose we move to another one. We do not force babies to do anything but provide a warm, nurturing space to photograph the beauty and wonder of your new miracle!


We have a morning routine that when followed sets the session up for success.

We want your little one to be awake 2 hours prior to the session. This for most newborns can be a struggle, which is why we suggest a morning sponge bath and then fed 30 minutes prior to coming to studio.


Tulsa Newborn Photography is our favorite and you will NEVER regret having portraits of your itty bitty baby. They grow so fast trust me!