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Rebecca Eubanks is the owner of Artworks Tulsa Photography, specializing in portraits and creating art for our clients homes. Started photographic journey in 1999.

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Member of PPA

President of INPPA 2015

Board Member of PPOK 2013-2015

PPA Craftsman Degree

Past-President of INPPA 2016

Mentor sessions and workshops is what I love the most! I didn’t invest in my photography business education for the first 10 years of my journey. Save yourself the heart-ache and team up with someone who has accomplished what you hope to accomplish! Contact us for more information on upcoming classes, workshops and one on one mentor sessions.

What is everyone saying about Artworks Education?

KR round

Very Open and Honest … Not just a business model but lifestyle overhaul.

Kristie Rozier

Rebecca found me as I was beginning my photography career. I am so thankful for that. Her patience and knowledge have have changed my photography career as well as my life!

Tracy Brown

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At one time I thought that the photography business was just a dream that would never be attainable. With Rebecca’s help in the last three years she has helped me grow not only as a photographer but as a person. I’ve learned so much just from watching her in her element along with multiple coaching sessions and workshops. Rebecca is proof that whatever your photography dream may be, you can reach it with a little help. She’ll tell you that she had to learn a lot of things the difficult way, and her coaching has helped her keep other photographers from struggling in the same ways. It’s a privilege to get to learn from someone so willing to teach with that much experience. It’s truly been an honor and I know I will continue to learn from her in the future!

Kelsey Kenyon 

Rebecca is very passionate as both a photographer and a mentor. She strives to help those she mentors succeed in their personal lives and their businesses. Under Rebecca’s guidance, I feel more confident in my work and better able to provide my clients with the portraits they will cherish for years to come.

Jennifer Weyna

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