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Double dose of cute: Twins run in the Artworks family

May 24, 2012  by Artworks Tulsa Photography  |  Baby Prego Tulsa Family Portraits Tulsa Infant Photography Tulsa Newborn Photography

For those of you that don’t know – our owner, Rebecca Sproles Eubanks, is an identical twin.  When we found out her twin sister, Beth DeLemos, was pregnant last year there were lots of happy tears shed at the studio and among Rebecca’s family as Beth would be the first Sproles to give a grandchild. A few months later we found out that Beth was expecting twins and the waterworks started up again, excitedly anticipating the arrival of two bundles of joy! When the doctors determined Beth would be having fraternal twin girls, you can image the pure shock and joy that Rebecca and her family experienced, knowing that the legacy of twin girls would continue.

In February, Beth came to Tulsa for a baby shower hosted by Rebecca and a few other close family friends, and of course we had to shoot a few prego pictures! A huge thanks goes out to our BFF, Andrea, owner of Andrea Murphy Photography for her help both with the party and in capturing these beautiful images! They couldn’t have done it without her.

In talking with Rebecca recently about the experience of seeing her sister become a mother, she said, “Beth’s amazing in every way and is already an incredible mother but holy mackerel, what a life change!” Pictured on the right is the woman who started it all- Susan Sproles. On April 8th, 1980, she gave birth to the family’s first set of twins. Born and raised in Georgia, with appropriately Southern names, Rebecca Anne and Mary Elizabeth were delivered to one fabulously classy lady! And please, look at her, she doesn’t even age! Susan shed the most tears when she learned of Beth’s multiple pregnancy – we’re still trying to convince ourselves that it was from pure joy and not from the knowledge that twins are a lot of work.

Check out the darling birth announcement for Caroline & Abigail! Of course, proud Aunt Becky couldn’t resist the chance to photograph her brand new baby nieces when she drove 12 hours to meet them for the first time in April. All of these images were captured when the girls were just four days old. Poor Rebecca cried the whole 12 hours back to Tulsa- living half-way across the country from these little cuties is going to be a challenge!

Rebecca gifted the girls with her favorite photograph in a beautiful 40 x 30 inch frame from The Organic Bloom, coordinated to match their nursery in their new home in Georgia. We will be sure to see more of Caroline and Abigail as we plan on featuring pictures of their nursery on the blog as they get settled in Atlanta.

Rebecca is absolutely in love with these two little cuties, and who could blame her? Beth and Becky already have plans to induct Caroline and Abigail into their super special twins club and can only imagine the adventures these girls have ahead of them.


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