Senior Model Application

Artworks Tulsa Photography

Our Passion

With over 15 years experience, delivering on our promise to “Turn your special moments into a work of ART”, our growing company photographs over 200 sessions a year and expertly customizes artistic photographs, settings and special effects to capture each client’s unique style.

Committed to an enjoyable experience, incredible products, and attention to every detail.  That is our promise to you!

For information and bookings call Artworks Tulsa Photography at (918) 794-5278.

Meet the Owner

Rebecca Eubanks

After a long busy day I love to go home and curl up with my babies, James Scott Eubanks & the amazing pup Lorelai.  I.LOVE.MY.KIDS.  Nothing makes me happier than chilling at home with my husband (Jim Jim) and just grilling out on our back porch…except maybe an awesome concert or Thunder game!

I am blessed to be able to help families create a legacy piece for their homes! The main reason why I love being behind my camera is to capture your current story and carve it into memories that you will cherish forever!

Currently serving as President of INPPA, a board member of PPOK, member of the Junior League, Craftsman Degree from PPA, Vice President of INPPA 2014, Member of TWS 2012-2015, and a member of the incredible life changing Professional Photographers of America.

Also the co-founder of Artworks Education, with an endeavor to help educate other photographers in business and fine tuning their craft.

For more information on me personally, check out my blog