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Artworks Tulsa Photography Teams Up with Blue Star Mothers!

November 11, 2011  by Artworks Tulsa Photography  |  Tulsa Family Portraits

It’s the season of extra giving! Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and the whole team at Artworks Tulsa Photography is ecstatic about giving back to the community, especially during this festive season.

Our newest community project is going to be super awesome! We’ve teamed up with Janet, local president of Blue Star Mothers, and are donating free portrait sessions to our local Oklahoma soldiers.

It’s important that these military families have updated photos so we’re offering our brave men and women in uniform a completely free family photo session. With their spouse, their family, their kiddos…whatever they like. We stress that these sessions are absolutely free and we do not want to make money from this. It’s our thank you to our soldiers and a way for us to give back to our awesome community.

Blue Star Mothers is going to give our free portrait gift certificates to soldiers at home on leave, and the Artworks team may be shooting their Christmas Party and possibly a few homecomings! And we’re collecting canned goods, travelable food and fun stocking stuffers to donate to Blue Star Mothers’ efforts.

Blue Star Mothers is currently putting together Christmas stockings for soldiers abroad; stockings filled with snacks, candies, and all sorts of fun things Jolly Saint Nick would sneak into a stocking! Blue Star Mothers is an amazing team and we’re so excited to be a part of their philanthropic project and mission.

If you’re interested in joining us in our team-up with Blue Star Mothers, we’re currently collecting donations and goodies for care packages and Christmas stockings. We’d all love your support, so if you’re interested in spreading a bit of Christmas cheer, OR if you’re a soldier who would like to set up your free portrait session just give us a call at the Artworks studio at 918..794..5278.

Thank you, Blue Star Mothers, for teaming up with us, and thank you, all of our soldiers, for your selflessness. We appreciate all you do. Let us thank you and give back with some awesome family portraits! We’re so excited we can’t wait to get started!

From all of us here at Artworks Tulsa Photography,
Have a great holiday season and a Happy Thanksgiving!


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