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A Proposal to Remember

March 1, 2011  by Artworks Tulsa Photography  |  Proposal

Sometimes things don’t always go “as planned.” Everything may be completely organized and the details laid out, but sometimes the ball just bounces in its own way. Though things may not always go according to plan, when you’re in love (and when you’re about to get on bended knee to propose to your soulmate!) whether or not things go according to plan doesn’t seem to be such a big deal. You’re caught up in the bliss of the moment, you’re in love, you’re excited, and there’s a lot of anticipation! You’re about to become engaged!! YAY!

Proposing marriage, getting engaged, and photographing (in secret!) this special moment can be perfectly planned, but when the time comes it’s all about being in the moment and just enjoying…going with the flow, especially when your plan seems to go in another direction….

On February 19th Justin and Erika, the cutest and sweetest couple — absolutely the ideal definition of L-O-V-E — became engaged at Tulsa’s beautiful Woodward Park. And we were there to shoot it!

Prior to the proposal, Justin had met with us to discuss shooting secret proposal photos. He had spent a lot of time carefully choosing the perfect engagement ring for his bride-to-be– having it custom designed — so naturally the proposal had to be perfectly customized for his sweetheart. He put a great deal of care, love and thought into planning how to propose to Erika and when he asked us if we could secretly photograph the proposal, hiding somewhere in the bushes in Woodward Park, we were super excited!!

Together with Justin we went over the fine details of the plan on location, and figured out how we could best photograph it all. Justin had prepared a perfect plan, finding the ideal location where he could both have a somewhat private location to propose in the park, but also where we, the photographers, could find a convenient hiding spot and ideal photographing location. Needless to say it wasn’t going to be the easiest to pull off, but it was certainly going to be perfect and fun!

Since the entire team at Artworks is all about having a fun time while we shoot, prepping for a proposal shoot was naturally no exception. In figuring out which angle was best for Justin to get down on bended knee, where Erika should stand, and how the photos would turn out if standing in certain positions with the sun shining at certain locations, we actually acted as the engaged couple for Justin. We had a mock proposal which, in addition to making for a few laughs, gave Justin a great idea of what the photos would be like. We wanted to make sure that we got the perfect angle and were precisely situated for Justin’s dream proposal photos.

The mock proposal went well and we had found the perfect spot and angles! Game on! But, as often happens with the best formulated plans, things didn’t exactly go as we had practiced. During our rehearsal proposal we didn’t have any passersby or onlookers that might have obscured the shots or viewpoint (remember, we had to hide in the bushes and keep quiet while pulling off fabulous photos!). But come February 19th when it was time for the real thing, just moments before Erika and Justin arrived, we had to ask a few people to please leave the benches, at least for awhile, as they were obstructing our viewpoint. Luckily they were very understanding. Not a big problem– obstruction diverted. Whew! But then…

Up pulls a hornet-yellow Corvette right near our hide out in the bushes, and out comes its driver with a point-and-shoot camera, ready for his own automobile photography session. Was anything going to go according to plan? All of these people? Another camera and photographer and all of the distractions going on! Not to mention our hiding spot wasn’t exactly well hidden anymore as we looked a bit curious to the Corvette driver, crouching down behind a bush with our huge cameras and equipment. But we had our game faces on and were ready to make sure we captured the most beautiful proposal images for Justin and Erika without giving any hints to Erika what Justin had up his sleeve.

Quick to act we decided to work with the situation we were given and offered to shoot some professional photos of the Corvette for its driver, the very kind and helpful Randy. It couldn’t have been more perfect, this hiccup in the plan! Randy was ecstatic to get some professional photos of his car. And since our hiding spot wasn’t working out too well anymore, and Justin and Erika were going to arrive any moment and notice the car and the photographers, we figured we’d work with what we had so we quickly adapted to the situation and disguised a Proposal photography session as an Automobile photography session. It was brilliant!

We snapped some great shots of the car for Randy, then once Justin and Erika arrived and the proposal ensued we snapped away, capturing all the great, romantic shots that we had planned, all the while portraying that we were in the park for a car shoot. The hiccup actually turned out to be a great prop for the whole shoot!

Afterward, the newly engaged Erika, donning a beautiful gem on her ring finger, said that she truly thought we were just there to photograph the car. She had absolutely no idea what was going to happen! Brilliant! Mission accomplished!

So even though our plan didn’t exactly go “as planned,” per se, it happened the way it should have– it was beautiful, it was fun, it was memorable, and a beautiful couple who’s deeply in love had a lovely experience together and are engaged! Erika and Justin have some amazing photos to remind them of the details of this forever-moment and we are eager to see their beautiful wedding ceremony and reception captured on camera! They are the quintessential “in-love couple” and together they’re just so happy, so sweet, and fit absolutely perfectly together!

Congratulations, Justin and Erika, and thank you so very much for trusting Artworks with this once-in-a-lifetime moment and letting us be a part of it. It was truly a joy to work with you and photograph such a momentous occasion. You are a beautiful and endearing couple– genuinely head-over-heels in love with each other and we loved capturing that and this priceless moment for you on camera!


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